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Perfidious Albert is an official partner of Shopify. This gives us access to enhanced support, better access to resources, and the ability to create custom solutions for Shopify stores.

Migrating to Shopify

Well now, look who is about to make the best decision of their life!

If you are using Magento, WooCommerce, NopCommerce or any of those platforms then you are used to customers saying "It just didn't work", staff saying "I can't figure it out", and your web developer saying "That will be €300 and I am busy fleecing my other clients until next month". It doesn't have to be that way.

Pros and Cons of Shopify


  • It is intuitive and fun to work with
  • The design themes are powerful and beautiful
  • It is unbelievably secure and safe
  • It integrates with almost everything
  • The total cost of ownership is very low
  • ShopPay is easy to setup and allows you to accept card payments
  • It's very mobile friendly
  • It just works - it really does


  • It can't be highly customised to your brand
  • The fees can feel expensive for low volume stores (see below)

Shopify is Expensive Right?

No, it's really not that simple. Shopify charges a monthly fee and a merchant fee if you use their ShopPay service and they only charge a transaction fee if you use your own merchant service. Remember all merchant services charge a fee - PayPal charge an eye watering 3.4% + 30c for example.

Lots of websites talk about Shopify's "transaction" fees often implying they are charged in addition to the ShopPay merchant fees. Transaction fees are not charged if you use ShopPay or PayPal. They are only charged if you don't use ShopPay and they are 2% or less depending on your subscription. Shopify is not just a product, it is a service. Shopify provides extreme levels of security and safety, exceptional conversion rates, and a slick customer experience. The more you use their service the more they expect you to pay.

There will also be some app charges, but in our experience a good Shopify partner (hi!) will use very few third party apps as they will understand better how to use native Shopify to achieve the same results.

Shopify is an excellent and less expensive choice for most e-commerce businesses due to its user-friendly platform, powerful features, and extensive app ecosystem.

What's Involved in Migrating

We won't just zip your data across from your old system to Shopify. We will look at improving every aspect of your site as part of the migration. Despite that we usually spend only 3 - 10 days migrating and generally we do all the work - you can just sit back and look forward to a vastly improved e-commerce experience.

Make it Happen

Use our contact form or drop us an email and if you can give us some basic details - number of products, number of orders per month, average order value, what payment processor you use, why you want to move, and of course a link to your website. We will reply with any further questions or a no obligation proposal.