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Integrating Revolut with Shopify

Are you giving your customers the payment method they want to use?

Per capita the Irish are the most numerous users of Revolut on the planet.We have integrated Revolut with a number of Shopify businesses in Ireland now and we find that almost immediately upwards of 10% of their sales will switch to Revolut. This is great news as most of those customers are bypassing Paypal and their extortionate fees. You do not have to be a Revolut user to pay using Revolut on Shopify, so this is also a very viable alterative to ShopPay.

With Revolut the money the customer pays hits your bank account in seconds and the rate (your rate might vary) is just 1% + 0.02c per transaction. That compares to 3.4% + 0.30c with PayPal. Unfortunately Shopify whack a third party transaction fee on top of that because you are not using their ShopPay processor (aka Stripe). However, even after the Shopify fee is added the total fee with Revolut can be less that with ShopPay depending on your average order size and Shopify plan.

Use our Shopify Fees Calculator - if you can save money by switching to Revolut it will alert you to this. The stores who will save the most have high turnover and a low average order value. For example with a turnover of €100k per month selling €10 widgets Revolut will be a whopping €2200 per month cheaper than ShopPay.


Revolut *

Shopify Basic

3.4% + 0.30c
2.0% + 0.25c
3.0% + 0.02c ***


3.4% + 0.30c
1.7% + 0.25c
2.0% + 0.02c **

Shopify Advanced

3.4% + 0.30c
1.5% + 0.25c
1.5% + 0.02c *

Includes Shopfy third party transaction fee of ***2%, **1%, and *0.5%.

Make it Happen

You need a Revolut Business Banking account. If you don't have one we would highly recommend it - it is actually revolutionary. After that it couldn't be easier. Simply follow the instructions on the Revolut website, or contact us and we will do it for you for free.