Perfidious Albert's Favourite Clients

When we put websites live they are works of art, perfect and beautiful in every way. But we think it is important that our clients own and manage their own websites. So, when you click through to each site be mindful that it is a living breathing sales channel that has probably changed and grown since we last worked on it.

Bonnybrook Pharmacy

When Victoria Jones, the owner of Bonnybrook Pharmacy, decided that it was time to upgrade her business website she came to Perfidious Albert. We took a holistic look at her business including inventory control, fulfilment, and selling medicines online.

We built a powerful new solution for Bonnybrook that integrates Shopify with the existing McLernon's till system, This means that the inventory in the physical pharmacy always matches the inventory on the website.

The new website is a much slicker operation that is easier to manage, easier for her customers to buy from, and costs a lot less in maintenance and updates.

Wall2Wall Decor

One of my own personal favourite websites so far (there is a lot more coming on this one!). A beautiful website for a quality painting and decorating firm in County Monaghan.

Deep colours, lots of well considered text for SEO and human call to actions, a photo gallery, and some smart features such as an AI powered quotation engine. This one is a dinger.

Rathlin Ferry

With no notice on a Thursday in January 2023 the company running ferries to Rathlin ceased trading. The island was left without a ferry and their lifeline to the mainland. A new company "Rathlin Ferry" was appointed to run the service on Friday.

Rathlin Ferry contacted us on Friday evening asking how fast we could have a website live. Before their first sailing on Monday morning at 8am we had their new website live and operational with new branding, timetables, and social media intergration.

Mythical Ireland

The owner of Mythical Ireland has a very very large website with hundreds of pages of content. It was not working for him and sales of his beautiful photos and books were slower than they should be. Customers complained about complex shipping options, awkward checkout procedures, and limiting product options.

Perfidious Albert connected to Mythical Ireland's old website database and wrote a script to copy hundreds of articles, products, and essays from his old website system to a new Shopify website. We then redesigned the layout of the website to make it much more intuitive and user friendly. We are happy to report that sales increased immediately and have continued to grow quickly since.

The Glyde Inn

Without a doubt the most famous pub in County Louth and one that demanded an modern and very user friendly website for accommodation booking, food reservation, and events ticketing.

The Glyde Inn was awarded National Pub of The Year and Irish Food Pub of the Year at the Irish Pub Awards in RDS and we are very proud to work with one of Ireland's premier hospitality businesses.


URBÓ is a new Irish milk drink that is "better for you", "better for the planet", and "better for cows". It is a very premium brand and when they wanted a quality e-commerce website they were advised to talk to Perfidious Albert. They did, and a week later they were selling Irish milk from their family farm to consumers around the world.

Food on Fire

Food on Fire shares a director with Perfidious Albert so we spend a lot of time on their website. It is a Shopify e-commerce website with integrated logistics and inventory. The website is set-up for complex EU VAT rules, localised currency options, and worldwide shipping.

It is important to the owners of Food on Fire that the website is easy to use and intuitive. Currently the site has less than one abandoned cart per month and users can pay by PayPal, Cards, Revolut, One4All, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, and many more. They have no excuse not to finish their checkout!

Listoke Gin School & Distillery

When we spoke to Listoke they had three websites with three seperate backends and all the inefficiencies and admin overheads that entails. The websites they did have were not working for them and sales were less than they expected.

Perfidious Albert scrapped all three of their existing legacy systems and intgrated the gin school, trade sales, and retail sales into one slick and intuitive Shopify solution. This led to significant cost savings and much better e-commerce turnover.


Koffy are traditionally an artisan business 2 business coffee roasters. When they wanted to open a web shop to target consumer sales they asked us to help.

We build a Shopify solution for Koffy that integrates with Ebay to open a second sales channel. Koffy can now sell coffee directly to the public across the UK and Ireland with almost no overheads and very little extra administration.

Boyne Valley Flavours

Boyne Valley Flavours is a producers group funded by Meath and Louth County Councils that promotes food producers, events, and tourism in the Boyne Valley region.

When Boyne Valley Flavours approached us they had an old fashioned text heavy website that they were unable to maintain themselves (leading to high costs and inefficiencies). We redesigned their website and moved it to the Shopify platform. We added a lot of customised code and specialist apps to make the website work for this very specific use case.

Lintol is like a grammar checker for your data. It makes data make sense. It's also a very funky startup doing amazing things with your data.

We designed an elegant corporate website for this Belfast based IT consultancy. It was an interesting experience to have IT people as clients for a change!

BBQ Life Ireland

Leon from BBQLife has run a sucessful Facebook group for BBQ aficionados for many years, but he always wanted to monetise it by opening an e-commerce store.

Perfidious Albert worked with to create branding (logos and colour schemes), web design, content creation, and integration with logistics and inventory.

Boyne Valley Cheese

Boyne Valley Cheese is a lovely little website that allows this traditional artisan producer to sell their cheese direct to consumers across Ireland and the UK.

Carlingford Lough Sea Tours

Beautiful imagery carries this website and when we added our content writing services and a Shopify e-commerce backend it became a plaform for the company to grow its marine and tourism services over the coming years.