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Perfidious Albert is an official partner of Shopify. This gives us access to enhanced support, better access to resources, and the ability to create custom solutions for Shopify stores.

Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Are you maximising the Average Lifetime Value of your customers?

Klaviyo automates email (and SMS) marketing for your business. If you are familiar with MailChimp, imagine if it was actually any good. Klaviyo knows when your customers have ordered, when they are due to order, and what time of day they like reading emails from your company. Klaviyo sits in the cloud sniffing out sales like a fisherman on a rock waiting for a bite. It is truly an amazing piece of software. But it takes a little knowledge and lot of skill to make it work properly.

We can help you set-up and tweak Klaviyo so that you are building and maintaining genuine and personal relationships with your best customers. You can use Klaviyo to send a customer 20 or 30 emails a year without you ever typing a word. Then watch the replies come in - along the lines of "I always appreciate this follow up email after I order" or "This discount was well timed - its my wife's birthday again next week and she loved the gift I purchased from you last year"

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