Increasing Sales - The Conversion Funnel

Nothing happens until someone sells something. Making that Shopify bell ring is priority number one.

Stage One - Awareness

This stage of the funnel is about getting your product in front of potential customers and engaging with them so as they click through to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

You can trust us to make sure your technical and content SEO is up to scratch across every page of your website. We are not a search engine optimisation agency, but SEO is subject to the 80/20 rule - 20% of the work is done by simple changes and consistent habits and it results in 80% of the benefit. The remainder is best achieved by specialist SEO agencies who should only be engaged with when the rest of your e-commerce operations have been optimised.

Social Media

You are the voice of your business, and we always advise that you do your own social media. We will help with automated tools, but we are not a social media marketing company. We will point you in the right direction.


This has always been and still is the single most effective way to build a customer base online. We could write a book about it, but for now let us just promise you that building a mailing list will transform your business. We work with clients that bring in over €0.50 per mailing list subscriber per month. That’s €6,000 per annum for every 1,000 email subscribers. Best of all is that with Klaviyo a huge amount of the work is fully automated.

Google Adwords and Social Media Advertising

Here be dragons. We will explain later why if you are hiring us, you are probably not yet ready to spend huge amounts of money on online advertising. In essence, what we do for you is get your e-commerce business to the point where advertising will work.

Stage Two - Consideration

Consideration is the stage of the funnel where your potential customer is making their decision. Your content, imagery, branding, and reviews will shine at this stage.


Your product and page content must be excellent. Every sentence and every image will be considered for its impact on the buying decision. You must provide the information (dimensions, ingredients, etc) the customer needs, and you also need to appeal to the want in your customer. We will actively critique and work on all aspects of your content.


The single most important part of an e-commerce business and the one that is most often neglected or executed poorly. Your photographs need to be professional quality, but they also need to be on-brand and telling your story. Almost every e-commerce site requires a significant investment in visual assets. We will create a request for quotation document that outlines your photography requirements, and we will present it to a selection of photographers on your behalf.


We are not branding experts, but we know enough when we know it is not working. At this point we will advise you and discuss options. Remember branding is more than just visuals, it is also your tone and your vibe.


Neither are we marketing experts, but understanding where it is required and the form that works best for your industry is part of our remit.

Stage Three - Conversion - Our Primary Area of Expertise

After a website visitor makes the decision to purchase then conversion is the process of closing the sale. The essence of conversion is to encourage the customer to stop thinking and enter their credit card details. Conversion is about removing obstacles. Shopify is the king of the conversion, and we are the experts in Shopify. We will really shine for you in this area, and we have worked with clients who have increased their conversion rate from 0.5% to over 2%. Think about that for a minute. That sounds like a paltry increase from nothing to not much more than nothing. However, conversion rate means the percentage of ALL website visitors that end up buying from you 2% is 4 times more revenue than 0.5%. The average conversion rate across all Shopify websites is 1.8%. However, you must remember that average is average - there is nothing to stop you planning for a 10% conversion rate - imagine if you fail and only get to 5% - how bad?

You must also remember that conversion is a part of a funnel. Stage 1 and Stage 2 are also becoming more productive at this time. This means if you double visitors from 10,000 to 20,000 and you double conversion from 1% to 2% you now have 400 sales instead of 100. You also have 4 times more e-mail addresses and 4 times more potential repeat customers. This funnel is all about compounding - every improvement at every stage of the funnel is amplified at the next stage.

We won’t go into heading by heading details for conversion as it all boils down to removing objections and that involves endless tweaking, measuring, re-tweaking, A-B tests, and opening communications with any customers that abandoned their cart to find out why.

Stage Four - Post-Purchase

Post purchase is often overlooked despite being the cash cow of most e-commerce operations. Post purchase interactions can be very automated using Klaviyo (and "retargeted" advertising). We will implement post purchase emails, requests for reviews and feedback, refer a friend schemes, and follow up customer service emails. A good post purchase strategy feeds heavily into revenue growth by increasing customer lifetime value.